Therapy With Heart

Telehealth Services Offered

You’re at the point that you know you should start therapy. Congratulations! That can be difficult to accept. Because, as backward as it sounds, getting help can feel scary. So, here you are. However, it hasn’t quite taken off yet. There could be a few things standing in your way for many different reasons. Maybe you live in Lincoln County and you don’t feel like there are many resources that apply to you. Or, you could live near Albuquerque and the thought of battling the traffic makes you second guess your choice to start therapy. Perhaps you’re not ready for other people to know that you’re starting therapy, which is valid. If this is the case, going into a therapist’s office makes you feel very nervous. And hey, let’s not forget about the pandemic. Maybe spending a lot of time outside your home doesn’t feel like a great option right now. If any of these situations sound familiar, online therapy can help.