Individual Services

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a form of counseling that uses art-making in the therapeutic process. Art Therapists are trained in counseling and often use counseling/talk therapy skills in session.

Individual Counseling

Individual therapy is focused on your unique goals, personality, and needs. We provide a private, nurturing space for you to figure things out, grow into your potential, and work through obstacles.

Family Services


Have you or a loved one recently given birth and feeling blue, depressed, or not yourself? Are you frustrated that this shift in your feelings, thoughts, and mood is keeping you from living your life?

Children and Families

Are you looking for a therapist for your child or teen in Las Cruces, NM? Are you tired of seeing your child struggle?

Teen Counseling

Most teens hate going to counseling. If your teen is asking for counseling- listen! There is so much that goes on in a teen’s life and they can get off track quite quickly.

Couples Services

Couples Counseling

Is your relationship in trouble?  Is there too much distance or too little love? Are you struggling with endless conflict and fighting that never gets resolved? Are you becoming distant from one another? Is trust an issue?

Sex & Sexuality

When people experience challenges with lovemaking, it is sometimes a matter of logistics, sometimes a matter of emotional issues, and sometimes a matter of old messages learned while growing up.

LGBTQ Counseling

People are varied and unique. As a counselor, we work with couples and individuals in a variety of relationships. Our office provides a safe environment for individuals to work through sexual issues related, or unrelated to their sexuality.