Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety Counseling

You’re a professional at playing the “what if” game.

Frequently, you find yourself playing out scenarios in your head that haven’t happened. Oddly enough, these scenarios leave you feeling uneasy.

Sometimes, you can’t decide if you want to be around people or completely alone.

Many situations cause you to feel panicked, and it doesn’t seem like other people feel this way about the same situations.

You Know It’s Probably Anxiety. But, Is Anxiety Counseling Really Necessary? Do You Need Help With This?

This is all very tough to navigate. The constant worry and panic you feel keeps you from doing things that you want to. Sometimes, it makes you do things that you really don’t want to do. You find yourself avoiding situations or experiences because the feeling of inescapable doom is too much. It’s gotten to the point that doing certain things or going to certain events just don’t feel worth it. You’ve also found yourself being preoccupied with what other people could be thinking about you. And if we’re being honest, those thoughts are rarely positive. More times than not, you can’t sleep. When you do sleep, you don’t often feel rested. In addition, you’ve noticed some physical symptoms. At times, you find yourself feeling nauseous or dealing with a headache so strong it feels like there’s an ice pick in your brain. Don’t forget about the anxiety sweats. If this sounds familiar, you could be suffering from anxiety.

Symptoms of Anxiety

As anxiety counselors, we’ve worked with many people experiencing anxiety. Because of that, we’ve seen anxiety manifest itself in many different ways. Anxiety looks different in each of us. Through our experience provided anxiety counseling, here are some common symptoms we’ve seen:

  • Feeling irritable
  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Sweating
  • Heart racing
  • Feeling panicked

To learn more about other symptoms we’ve seen in anxiety counseling, check out this article discussing anxiety disorders and symptoms.  The symptoms listed are only a few of the symptoms someone can experience when they are suffering from anxiety. As counselors, we understand that everyone feels anxiety in different ways.

Anxiety Counseling Can Help

Anxiety is very common. As anxiety counselors, we’ve worked with many people suffering from the symptoms of anxiety. Furthermore, anxiety is tough to live with and to manage. Through anxiety counseling, we’ve helped many people take control of their anxiety. Additionally, we have been able to help many people with different experiences, backgrounds, and identities. Our anxiety counselors have seen the whole gamut of impacts anxiety can have on a person. In addition, we’ve been able to help these people. And, we’re here to help you too.

You don’t have to deal with anxiety alone anymore. As anxiety counselors, we understand and we’re here to help. We’ve helped many people suffering with the same things you’re suffering from right now. We’ve also seen those same people lead fulfilling and happy lives.

Counseling Las Cruces Approach To Anxiety Counseling In Santa Fe, NM

To say that anxiety is hard to live with would be an understatement. As anxiety counselors, we get it. Anxiety is that voice in your head that just won’t stop. Luckily, we can help. Through anxiety counseling, our goal is for you to feel in control. We want you to be able to do the things that are important to you, without anxiety standing in the way. Additionally, we want our work in anxiety counseling to be what is most beneficial for you. We’ll work together to create goals that reflect what’s important to you, beneficial in your life, and will ultimately make you happy.

Begin Anxiety Counseling In Santa Fe, NM

You’re fed up worrying about things that others don’t. Anxiety has been the bully controlling your decisions that you can’t seem to get rid of. Luckily, we can help. As anxiety counselors, we have a wide variety of experience working with people suffering from anxiety. Through anxiety counseling, we’ve seen our clients gain a new sense of control. When you’re ready to begin your journey through anxiety counseling, follow these steps:

Other Mental Health Services Provided In New Mexico

Anxiety counseling isn’t the only service we offer at Counseling Las Cruces. We’re able to help in our Las Cruces counseling clinic or through online therapy. Our team of skilled and specialized counselors is well-equipped to help with a variety of experiences. We are able to treat individualscouples, and families. As a whole, we specialize in treating depression, and trauma. Additionally, we provide counseling for new mothers and teens to help navigate the new challenges that they are facing. At Counseling Las Cruces, we can’t wait to learn about your story!