Family Therapy

Family Therapy

There’s tension in your household. At times, family events are nothing short of uncomfortable or tense.

It feels like no matter what anyone says, there’s an argument.

Your family doesn’t feel close; while ‘closeness’ may not be something you’re aiming for, you would like to be able to all be in the same room together without an explosion.

Regardless of the effort, it feels like you all can’t get along.

If this sounds like your household dynamic, you could benefit from family therapy.

Living in a situation that feels like you’re walking on eggshells is exhausting. It feels like there’s constant tension over everything. Or, sometimes worse, there’s tension over nothing. When you hear other people talk about their families, it sounds like the opposite of your family. You find yourself wondering, y’all spend time together? You can be around each other and have decent interactions? None of you feel like you’re on edge when you’re in the same room? Holding this comparison in your mind is exhausting. But, you’re not out of luck. Starting family therapy can help calm the madness.

Common Reasons People Pursue Family Therapy

Families are dynamic systems. There’s a lot that goes into making them tick. Those systems are made up of people who, while having some relation, have likely experienced very different things. However, we know that every family is different, but here are a few reasons why folks start family therapy:

  • Large gaps in age
  • Naturally different personalities
  • Differing values, beliefs, experiences, etc.
  • Feeling competition, regardless of intentionality
  • Simply being different people

These are only a few reasons why people start family therapy. There’s a good chance you don’t see your reason here. Here’s a link that lists other common reasons to start family therapy. If nothing else, it’ll show you that you’re not alone.

Family Therapy Can Help

Despite feeling alone, your family is not the family experiencing issues. As family therapists, we’ve worked with many families experiencing a multitude of situations. And, we’ve been able to help these families. In addition, our family therapists are experienced and knowledgeable in providing family therapy. Altogether, our therapists have worked with families that are experiencing the very same issues your family is currently experiencing.

As family therapists, we know how tough it can be to go through this. However, you’re not alone. Our family therapists can help you navigate these tough situations.

Counseling Las Cruces Approach To Family Therapy

Our family therapists are highly experienced and have worked with many different kinds of families. They are well-versed in many different treatment approaches and are smart cookies. In addition, each of our family therapists takes a different approach to work with families.

However, our family therapists share a commonality: they want your family to reach their goals in family therapy. As family therapists, they know that each family will have different goals. Each goal looks is unique and is created with the family’s best interest in mind. Our family therapists will not try to mold your family into their ideal version of a family. Instead, they’ll work with you to help solve the issues your family is facing. Altogether, our family therapists want therapy to be a success for you and your loved ones.

Beginning Family Therapy In Santa Fe, New Mexico

We’re not expecting your family to turn into the Brady Bunch. However, we do want you to be happy with your family dynamics. Family therapy can help with this. Our family therapists at Counseling Las Cruces have worked with many families going through a variety of situations. Through family therapy, they can help your family work together. And, daresay, get along? When you’re ready to begin family therapy in Santa Fe, New Mexico, follow these steps:

  • Reach out and request an appointment.
  • Get to know our team of trained and skilled family therapists.
  • Improve your family dynamic and (hopefully) get along a little better!

Other Counseling Services Offered In Santa Fe, New Mexico

Family therapy is just one of the many services we provide at Counseling Las Cruces. We’re able to help in our Las Cruces counseling clinic or through online therapy. Our team of skilled and specialized counselors can help with many different things. We are able to treat individuals, couples, and families. As a whole, we specialize in treating depression, anxiety, and trauma. We also know that many of us are experiencing new challenges. In response to that, we provide counseling for new mothers and teens. Our therapists at Counseling Las Cruces are excited to work with you!