Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

You two just don’t talk anymore. If you do, it’s rarely about something meaningful or beneficial.

It honestly feels like you’re just roommates. Intimacy, sex, or romance seem like a thing of the past.

To think of the last time you had fun together is pretty difficult. It’s even more difficult to think of the last time you liked being around the other person.

If this sounds like your relationship, it could be time to start marriage counseling.

Relationships are tough. Finding the balance of intimacy, responsibility, schedules, and fun can feel impossible. It feels like all you do when you’re around each other is argue. There’s no us time where you can be in each other’s space and not argue. Or, if you’re not arguing, you aren’t talking at all. Somehow, even when you’re around each other, you feel alone. At this rate, what’s the point of being together if this is how it’s going to be? Starting marriage counseling can help your relationship flourish.

Common Reasons Why Couples Pursue Marriage Counseling

Every relationship comes with a unique dynamic. As marriage counselors, we’ve worked with couples at many different points in their relationship experiencing different obstacles. While every couple is different, here are some common reasons couples pursue marriage counseling:

  • Betrayal of trust
  • You live like roommates rather than lovers
  • Feeling isolated and alone
  • Together only because of your children
  • Don’t communicate with honesty or respect

These are only a few of many reasons people start couples counseling. To learn about reasons to start couples counseling, take a look at this article. 

Marriage Counseling Can Help

We get it. This was never a point you wanted to make it to. But, you aren’t alone our experienced marriage counselors have helped many people experiencing the same issues you are right now. Through marriage counseling, we have helped couples that struggle with communication, lacking intimacy, and overall not enjoying each other’s space. Our marriage counselors have helped those same couples rediscover their passion for each other. Additionally, they have helped couples develop skills to increase the satisfaction they feel in their relationship.

It’s hard to admit that your relationship needs help. As marriage counselors, we have helped many couples struggling with the same things you are right now. Marriage counseling can help improve your relationship for the long-haul.

Counseling Las Cruces Approach To Marriage Counseling

Whether it’s small issues or relationship-breaking challenges, marriage counseling can help. Through our work in marriage counseling, we aim for you both to feel valued, heard, and connected.

Our Role As Marriage Counselors

Marriage counseling provides a non-judgmental, supportive environment. You and your partner’s individual wants and needs are both considered. Our marriage counselors provide evidence-based techniques and therapies. They do so to build confidence, openness. and respect. Through marriage counseling, we’ll work together to improve your relationship with each other.

Our marriage counselors encourage honest, empathetic communication. Additionally, they teach strategies and techniques that aid hearing, healing, and clarity. By doing so, marriage counseling becomes an empowering process for both you and your partner.

How Does This Help The Relationship?

What happens when both partners are given the tools, appropriate approaches, and healthy insights? Relationship frustrations often disappear. Problems become manageable, validation & openness increases. Additionally, mature communication paves the way for a calmer, happier relationship and the healthiest way forward together.

Begin Marriage Counseling in New Mexico

No more playing the blame game or accusing the other person of being the ‘problem.’ It’s come to the point that you can admit that you need outside help. We know it’s difficult, but we’re happy you’re here. Through marriage counseling, you and your partner can rediscover the joy you used to feel being together. Our marriage counselors have experience working couples at many different stages in their relationship. When you’re ready to begin your journey in couples counseling, follow these steps:

Other Counseling Services Provided in New Mexico

Marriage counseling isn’t the only service we offer at Counseling Las Cruces. We’re able to help in our Las Cruces counseling clinic or virtually through online therapy. Our team of skilled and specialized counselors have experience helping people dealing with a variety of issues. We offer our services individuals and families, in addition to couples.  As a whole, we specialize in treating anxiety and trauma. We also provide counseling for new mothers and teens to help navigate new situations life can throw at them. We’re here to help when you’re ready to get started!