Depression Counseling

Depression Counseling

You have no energy.

Often times, you find yourself feeling heavy with despair. It’s almost as if there’s no point.

The feeling of hopelessness won’t leave you.

More than you’d like to admit, you feel discouraged and irritable towards most people.

Is It Finally Time To Talk With A Depression Counselor? Could Depression Counseling Be The Next Step?

This is a lot to feel and to live with. You find yourself feeling this way even when “you don’t have a reason to.” The things that you used to enjoy no longer make you happy. Sometimes you can dismiss these feelings. However, other times it’s not so easy. You just want to feel like you. In addition, you’ve found yourself wondering if other people have felt the same way as you. If they have, you wonder how they got through it. Because at this point, “getting through it” doesn’t always seem realistic for you. If this sounds all too familiar, you could be experiencing depression. Pursuing depression counseling could be beneficial.

Symptoms Of Depression

As depression counselors, we know that everyone experiences depression in different ways. Depression feels different for every person that experiences it. For some people, symptoms of depression are mild and manageable. However, it’s not as manageable for others. With that in mind, here are some common symptoms of depression we’ve seen in counseling for depression:

  • Feeling sad, empty, or hopeless
  • Having angry outbursts that don’t seem appropriate for the situation
  • Not enjoying previously enjoyed activities
  • Lower sex drive
  • A noticeable difference in sleep; this can be either sleeping too much or not enough

To learn about other common symptoms of depression that individuals experience prior to starting depression counseling, explore this article. Again, these are only a few of the symptoms we have seen in counseling for depression. We recognize that you may experience some symptoms that are not listed.

Counseling For Depression Can Help

As depression counselors, we get it. Depression is incredibly hard to live with. Through our experiences providing counseling for depression, we have helped many clients through counseling. In addition, we’ve provided counseling for depression to folks of many different backgrounds, experiences, and identities. It’s fair to say that our depression counselors have “seen it all.” What’s more, they’ve “helped with it all.” And they’re here to help you, too.

You’re not alone and you’re in good hands. Our depression counselors have helped many people dealing with similar struggles to what you are right now. They’ve worked with clients that have a hard time “seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.” Furthermore, they have seen wonderful outcomes for their clients after beginning counseling for depression.

Counseling Las Cruces Approach to Depression Counseling in Santa Fe, NM

First and foremost, our depression counselors will meet you where you’re at. We don’t just mean geographically. As depression counselors, we want to get to know you. We want to know about your background and experiences that you think are important. Additionally, we’ll collaborate together to create goals in counseling for depression. These goals are things you want to accomplish, hope to gain, things you want to change, and much more.

Overall, our goal is for you to leave depression counseling feeling good. We want you to feel confident in your abilities and aware of your self-worth. In depression counseling, we’re here to help you create the future you see for yourself. Additionally, we want you to feel in control.

Begin Depression Counseling in Santa Fe, NM

Depression is more than feeling sad or “blue.” Experiencing depression can be life-altering.  It can cause you to think things about yourself that you would never dare say or think about another person. As depression counselors, we get it and we can help. We’ve worked with many people who have experienced the same feelings you have. Through depression counseling, you can rediscover your joy and, hopefully, relish in that joy. When you’re ready to begin your journey through depression counseling, follow these steps:

Other Counseling Services Provided In New Mexico

Depression counseling isn’t the only therapy service we offer at Counseling Las Cruces. We’re able to help in our Las Cruces counseling clinic or through online therapy. Our team of skilled and specialized counselors can help with a wide variety of issues. Additionally, we are able to treat individualscouples, and families. As a whole, we specialize in treating anxiety and trauma. In addition, we provide counseling for new mothers and teens to help navigate new challenges. When you’re ready to take the next step towards healing and happiness, we’re happy to join!